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5 Ways to Make the Holiday Blues Your B*tch

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues Infographic

It’s that time of year again you hear Mariah Carey hitting those high keys in your car’s speakers, Starbucks releases their holiday flavors, and before you know it those relentless, but beautiful, fat flakes of snow are falling from the sky again.

It’s undeniably winter. For many, all of the above sounds fun and festive, but actually up to 20% of people in the U.S. may experience a form of the holiday blues.

What are the “holiday blues”?

The "holiday blues" refers to the feeling of stress and depression that people experience during the holiday season. Various factors can cause these blues, such as past trauma, reminders of someone who passed away during the season, financial stress, or SAD.

How to beat the blues' a** 🥊

It can feel hard to cope with the holiday blues, but we recommend following these top 5 suggestions to beating the blues this season and taking care of your mental health.

1. Invest in Yourself 📈

Invest in YOU and gift something to yourself that will help you reach your personal goals. Whether that’s a gym membership to be a healthier you, a relaxing self-care spa trip, or motivational gear to remind you who the f*ck you are (shameless plug). You don’t need to break your budget to make yourself feel good and prepare for the new year.

2. Find a Hobby 🧘🏽‍♀️

Having a hobby, activity, or interest that brings you peace of mind and happiness, away from your daily stressors is important. Take a moment to consider a range of hobbies or activities you enjoy. For example, candle making, yoga, birding, hiking, photography, crafting, or cooking, to just name a few. According to research, you’re less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression when you have a hobby.

3. Giving Back 💗

Giving back to your community is always a great way to spread positivity and do a good deed this season. Maybe you need to get rid of some clothes or furniture, so consider donating to your local GoodWill. Or maybe the next time you see Santa ringing a bell in front of a grocery store, you decide to donate. Take a moment to find a small business, organization, or charity you’d like to support that’s important to you.

4. Sense of Community 🤝

Having a sense of community can be crucial for beating the blues and reminding yourself that you’re not alone. It can make you feel valued, united, and boost your confidence. Look up local communities you can join, whether it’s a book club, bowling league, or church choir—you get the gist. 

5. Decorate Your Space ✨

Research shows that people who decorate for the holidays are happier and friendlier. Try to spruce up your personal space with decorations that make you happy and festive, no matter which holiday you celebrate. You might be surprised how just a few little changes can amplify your space.

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