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Our Mission: Possible

Not a bad life | about usΒ 

I'm Shai (like shay), and I created "Not a Bad Life," your mental health gift shop! 🌟 Born in Philly, I work in the Digital Marketing world full-time, blah blah blah.

Not a Bad Life used to beΒ "Butta Blog."

Back in 2015. College hit, and mentally, things weren't quite right. I was far from happy, had some dark moments, and even wrestled with thoughts I shouldn't have. It was a wild ride clawing back to mental stability. Therapy, tears, solitude, countless lessons learned (some still in progress!), and working on Butta Blog helped.

During the pandemic I made the switch to a gift shop. The shop allows people to buy self-care gifts for themselves or others. Just to create a sense of community, even though it was just virtual. And we still need that ( :

Life keeps throwing curveballs because that what life does, but I'm stronger now. That's why I birthed "Not a Bad Life" – to share this never-ending journey of self-love.

Life will still test us, but we have the tools to push through! My shop? It's packed with quick guides and friendly reminders that you can wear.

That's our mission: to remind you of the good things, spread love, and show the importance of community.

Whether it's a rough day or a great one, our goodies remind you: It might be a bad day, but trust me, it's never a bad life! ✨



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