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4 Ways To Prepare For 2020 - the totally chill way into the New Year

4 Ways to prepare for 2022 with not a bad life

The beginning of December is when those anxious feelings about the new year begin to kick in. Everyone is starting to talk about next year's plans and goals and what they're doing differently.Β 

Tweets about what people are not putting up with in 2022 are all over my timeline, and me and friends are starting to talk about what we want to achieve in 2022.Β 

It all puts pressure on us. On one side, we should be preparing for the new year. But my other feeling is, we shouldn't put too much pressure on ourselves. As we've all learned, a lot can change- and quick. Planners and reminders don't matter when shit really goes down, so stop putting so much pressure to get it all right from now to December 2022.

As a planner but an also go a with the flow-er, I've made a list of 4 ways you can prepare for the new year, the totally chill way. This can be applied to all categories of your life- I think?

Β 4 ways to prepare for 2022

1. Don't Stress The Newness of the Year - When January hits, it's like everyone starts hitting the ground running (and there's nothing wrong with that but). It's not a race. Don't burn yourself out with overworking and stressing about 2022 when we just got here.

Take your time in 2022. It's okay if you haven't started planning anything yet because child, I'm barely ready! and this is my small business. Take your time, We are humans- not machines.

2. Take Your Time To Prep - Take your time prepping for 2022. We've gone from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, and now we're preparing for the new year plans. In between all of this we are working, we have social lives, we have small businesses, and we are tired.Β 

Take your time. It's only the beginning of January and there are so many months ahead of us.

3. Look At What Did and Did Not Work Last Year - I start planning by looking at the aspects I'm working on and then think about what did or did not work for me. From there, Im like, "Okay, I'm going to keep doing this and maybe add some stuff or I'm never doing that again. But I'm going to do this."

This is just how I prepare for the new year and I'm also not driving myself crazy with overthinking. Write the goals down and break them down from there.

4. Get Excited About a Clean Slate - It's aΒ  whole new year! Bad things can turn out good this year. Bad things will turn into good in the new year for you. We gotta go through 12 WHOLE months. Do you think everything is going to be bad? No.

5. Take Care Of You First - I learned toward the end of 2021 that taking care of me first will and should always be my first priority. I've been talking about self-care for years and each year I learn and expand on what self-care really is to me in real life.

6. Stay SafeΒ 


Yes, prepare for the new year but don't put too much pressure on yourself. How are you preparing for the new year? Let us know in the comments.

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